The Igloo Crew

Allison likes long walks on the beach and pina coladas. 

Allison likes long walks on the beach and pina coladas. 


Owner, Letterpress Aficionado

Starting on her career path early, Allison enjoyed helping her granddad in his hobby printshop. Later, at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, she happily fielded visitors' questions while keeping America's most celebrated presses running. Prior to relocating to Ohio, Allison spent over ten years as an Instructor and Education Director at the renowned Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

Today, with her granddad's equipment forming the core of her shop, Allison brings the art–and experience–of the handmade to our community.



Beth came to Columbus 12 years ago originally from Greenville, PA, and by way of Grand Rapids, MI. She joined Allison at Igloo in early 2011 to help take care of the day-to-day operations of the studio. Working in a letterpress studio was a natural fit, as she has made a decade-long career of managing small art and design studios, and is co-founder of local art group, Wild Goose Creative. She fell in love with the handcrafted nature of letterpress, and it wasn't long before she jumped on the presses and starting creating pieces of her own.

You will find her at the shop at a press, in a meeting, or wielding multi-colored post-its in an organizational frenzy. When the project Post-it level has reached purple, it's best to wait a few minutes or offer her a coffee. 

Three Must-Haves on a Deserted Island.  "My hubby and two sons." 

Which Historical Character Would You Be?  "Amelia Earhart - classic lady badass. Nicola Tesla is a close second."

Favorite guilty-pleasure?  "Biscoff cookie’s best eaten on a spoon!"



Nicki is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she grew up knowing she wanted to be an artist. She went to art school at Edinboro University of PA, and then a few years later moved to Columbus to get her MFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. In fact, it was an internship through CCAD that originally brought her to Igloo. Her own artwork is meticulously made sculpture and installation art, and she loves working at a place that honors handmade quality, and appreciates her perfectionist (some would say obsessive) attitude.  It turns out that being a little bit obsessive makes you a pretty good letterpress printer.

Three Must-Haves on a Deserted Island?  "Netflix Instant Watch, sunscreen (she’s very pale) and pop."

Favorite Igloo Product/Project?  "Wrapping paper!!"

Cats or Dogs?  "Cats, because they are soft and poop in one place."


Rachel spent her childhood near Youngstown, Ohio where she very nearly lived in the library and nearby art museum. She wiled away the days of her youth designing future dream homes (a floating purple house! with wings! with a slide! ) and creating the elaborate worlds in which they existed. She now resides in Columbus, Ohio in a very ordinary non-flying house with her very extraordinary (wonderful) boyfriend. She was the very first intern when Igloo Letterpress opened in Ohio, and 7 years later they haven't been able to shake her. Rachel works as the in-house graphic designer at Igloo, as well as with her own creative business, Imaginary Beast. 

Favorite Book at the Age of 8  "The BFG" by Roald Dahl

If you could grow up in a fictional universe, which would you choose? Tough. Either a post-Voldy Harry Potter world, or on a pre-Death Star Alderaan. Because, duh. 

Cats or Dogs? Dogs. Charlie Dangerfield the Dog, in particular. 


Veronica grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where she was encouraged to dream big and explore.  Earning a scholarship in Journalism to Ohio University, she was off to a state where she did not know a single person, and so began her love affair with Ohio.  After graduating, she was off to explore the world for 18 months through 25 countries where she taught English to monks in Laos, worked as a cook on a ship off the fjords of Chile, and practiced yoga in an ashram in southern India. Upon returning to the States, she found herself broke and managed to secure a spot as a contestant on The Price is Right, where she won two surf boards and was told by Drew Carey that she was the nicest contestant he had ever had. Selling the surf boards, she had the money to move to New York City where she became a professional photographer and graphic designer for a international prep school in Manhattan. But Veronica is a midwestern girl at heart and jumped at the opportunity to move back to Ohio and design for Igloo! 

Favorite Guilty pleasure? Buying way too many candles OR singing loud and always

What’s your preferred method of travel? Time travel :)

If you could have breakfast with anyone? Barefoot Contessa could make me burned toast and I would eat it- just kidding, Barefoot Contessa would never burn toast!


Victoria was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Most of her 21 years have been spent moving between states but she has always ended up back in Florida. Now she is a Senior at OSU with a focus in Visual Communication Design where she was introduced to the art of Letterpress, obviously she immediately fell in love, and begged Beth & Allison for an internship.   

Three must-haves on a deserted island. My corgi, Grizzly, my fiance, and a good book.

Favorite bizarre food combination. Popcorn and nacho cheese sauce 

Favorite guilty-pleasure? Watching mind numbingly bad television, like "Awkward" or "Real Housewives"


Kyla grew up in Newark, Delaware, and received her B.F.A. in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. She holds an M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Madison, WI. In addition to many other inky pursuits, she first discovered letterpress as an intern at Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. She likes making obsessively patterned artwork, as well as gardening, animal husbandry (that's a baby goat in her picture), and dance parties. You can have a look at her artwork at

Favorite bizarre food combination? Peanut butter, minced garlic and siracha sandwich. You will not be disappointed, though you lover may be. 

Cats or dogs? I prefer a cat/dog hybrid creature. 

Would you rather be very hot or very cold? Who doesn't want to be very hott?