Color Your World Tutorial

Before you begin

A note about glue:  
We have used several different types of adhesive on the globes. Double stick tape works well as do glue and glue sticks. Use a permanent glue or glue stick for best results. Hold pieces in place as you are assembling them until the glue takes hold.

Unfold a paperclip to a straightened piece of metal to use in step 8.

Color your globe before assembling.




1. Fold along all scored lines for each of the eight sections.

2. Take one section and brush glue over first tab, closest to the point. Join to another section in corresponding position

3. Repeat for the second, third and fourth tabs, glueing each individually and attaching to  their corresponding points on the other section, creating a boat shape.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create four boat shapes, two sections per boat

5. Glue the four boats together, making sure to leave the last seam unglued.

6. While the last seam is still unglued, insert the hanging mechanism so that the half of the hanger rests inside the sphere and the string is on the outside of the sphere, at the top point where all the sections meet.

7. To glue the last seam, start with the two tabs closest to the end points first, leaving the two center tabs unglued.

8. Carefully glue the two remaining center tabs at the same time, as you close the seam, insert paperclip into the open center point of the section.

Pro tip: This is to ensure that the last two sections to do not slide over each other while the glue sets. Push the paperclip from side to side to press the tabs closed from the side of the sphere.