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Company events

There is no better way to build community and solidify a team than through creativity and making something together. Our private group events offer a friendly and welcoming environment and a common project or skill-building to strengthen a team, project group, or an entire company. 


Our team building options below are just a few ways that you can engage with your team at Igloo, but please let us know if you have a specific goal in mind, a project you would like to create, or a custom design you would like to print and we will build an event just for you.


You-Pick-Two Project Packages

If you are looking for a shorter project-based event with a tour of our studio, please choose one activity from Group A and one from Group B. 

4-11 people, 1 hour, $12 per person ($75 minimum)

12-29 people, 1.5 hours, $10 per person

30-45 people, 2 hours, $8 per person

46-60 people, 2.5 hours, $5 per person


Group A

Group B


LOve ohio card

Show your state love by printing 10 copies our Love Ohio card on our 1943 Vandercook proof press and choosing envelopes to coordinate.


watercolor print

Create a beautiful custom watercolor wash on 3 sheets of paper and roll your paper through our press for unique and completely personal prints!



Each participant will get to pull 10 copies of this cheery culinary coaster with a quote by Julia Child on our 1910 Pilot press.


mini-Stitch Book

Learn a classic "pamphlet" bookstitch and choose from fun covers and interior pages to sew make 2 little books to take home


Thanks! Notecard

Each participant will get to choose from a variety of papers and pull 10 prints and envelopes of this bold and friendly card created using antique wood type.



Create 2 tiny matchbooks using fun papers and colors, and choose to keep it as a simple pocket-book, or string them to make useful book necklace


Skill-Building Packages

The following options are great ways to engage a team in a specific project while building a focused skill.



Perfect for the creative group - every participant will get to choose their own flat notecard design from our wood type, lead type, and vintage images. The design could consist of a few images, a word or two, or a few letters. These would be set up in our vintage 1942 Vandercook letterpress and the participant would get to print 10 copies of their flat notecards, and choose envelopes to coordinate.

4-11 people, 1.5-2.5 hours, $35 per person

12-30 people, 2-3 hours, $30 per person



There is nothing like making and using your very own journal. Each guest would get to choose from a variety of beautiful book cloths, decorative papers, and perfect bound text-blocks to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind hardback journal to take home that day.

4-11 people, 2 hours, $35 per person

12-30 people, 3 hours, $25 per person



Does your group have a favorite saying? Are you getting together for an annual event? Let us design an 8x10 poster for you, using our wood type and lead type, and let your guests each hand-ink and pull 4 prints of that design to take home. Some ideas would be "I Love Columbus," "Home is Where the Heart Is," "Go Bucks," etc.... We would then lead the group in a mini-bookbinding workshop where each participant would get to bind a small softcover journal with the cover and pages of their choice. ($25 per person, 1-2 hours)

4-11 people, 1-2 hours, $25 per person

12-30 people, 2-2.5 hours, $18 per person

30-60 people, 2.5-3 hours, $12 per person


Combining letterpress printing and bookbinding, this class would allow each guest to choose a few words, images, or letters to print on their choice of coverstock, print their book cover, and then attach it to a perfect-bound blank set of pages to create your own custom softcover notebook. Great for gifts or to keep for yourself!

4-11 people, 2-3 hours, $35 per person

12-30 people, 2.5-3.5 hours, $28 per person

30-60 people, 2.5-3.5 hours, $20 per person


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SCHEDULE: We offer classes year-round, Tuesday through Saturday, so please specify the time and date that you are most interested in and we will check our calendar.

PARKING: There is ample parking on High Street as well as behind our studio in the large public parking lot. Your group may enter through either door, but we ask that you gather in our gift shop, near the front entrance. 

ACCESSIBILITY: Our studio is handicap accessible through our High Street entrance. Public restrooms are available in our back lobby.

FOOD: Please let us know if you would like to bring food and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your time and schedule. We have a limited amount of table space.

CLOTHES: We are a working print studio and will have aprons available to protect your clothing, but please do not wear your best outfit.

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