We have the best clients. Read what they have to say about their Igloo experiences. 

"I worked with Igloo Letterpress to create a book for my fiancé on our wedding day. It’s a compilation of email communication that was passed between us during our long-distance relationship.

From the first phone call, Allison’s interest and demeanor were amazing. She differentiated herself from other print shops by showing a genuine interest in what I wanted to accomplish, and understanding why it was important for me to create such a piece. That authenticity made all of the difference in the world. Her insight and ideas were great and she made sure that I had the best possible result. I felt like she had just as much invested in my gift as I did.

The book is simple and neat, which is exactly what I envisioned. Allison achieved the look I wanted without overshadowing the content. Everyone is in awe that so much information could be pulled together in such a clean package. Allison is top-notch at what she does and takes pride in her work. This not only separates her — it makes the printing experience fun and rewarding."

—Jason Skidmore

I found Igloo through a Google search and hired Allison to print my wedding invitations, which included RSVP cards, thank you cards, name cards, and giveaway tags. I was impressed that you can actually go into her shop, learn how to work the press, and be involved in printing your project from start to finish. As graphic designers, my fiancé and I often dreamt of being able to print the way our ancestors did. I love the natural imperfection of letterpress — the slight distressing, color variations, and deep plate impressions.

Allison is amazing. She’s knowledgeable and helpful during the entire process and always has the customer’s best interest in mind. She treats every project like her own. We provided the designs and she assisted us with choosing the right paper, making the plates, running the press, and handling the cutting and folding.

Being in the studio while our invitations were printed, and supporting a local business in our community, felt meaningful and personal. Allison has genuine interest and experience in what she does, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my letterpress needs. I’m an Igloo cheerleader!

—Ashley Fenton
Graphic Designer

I worked with Allison to create a book of writings of and about my husband, Pat Meers. As a fan of Logan Elm Press, I was delighted to watch his book transform into a piece of art compatible with his writing. The cover is a print of building outlines similar to Pat’s business logo. The quality of each book makes it a double keepsake, thanks to its content and presentation.

Allison’s combination of knowledge, creativity, sensitivity, and passion felt like a gift and helped bring our project to life. I found out about Igloo simply by walking past it. So many of us care about supporting our community, and hiring a local independently owned business is a great way to do that.

—Eileen O’Toole
Education Administration, The Graham Family of Schools

We printed our full “wedding package” with Igloo Letterpress, including the invitation, RSVP, thank you card, and envelopes. Letterpress is something I dreamt of doing for a long time, but I lacked any real knowledge about the process and didn’t know how to use the equipment. Allison made me feel very comfortable and walked me through each and every step. She let me do everything from inking and setting to printing and trimming, and even demonstrated how to use machines and techniques unrelated to our project. I knew that working with her wouldn’t be a one-time experience. She turned me into a convert who wants to spread the gospel of letterpress.

Our pieces were designed and written ahead of time with an “old-timey” poster feel. When we combined our odd flavor and authentic (albeit whacky) visual language with the letterpress printing process, they felt remarkably genuine — like they had been created 80 years ago. And the feedback has been overwhelming. I spent months researching language, colloquialisms, and imagery, and when I held the final product in my hands, it looked exactly as I pictured it a year earlier.

Nobody wants a “Main Street” filled with the same big-name stores on every corner. People want diversity. Nowadays, the only real way to achieve that is by supporting local businesses. We want something unique that we can claim as our own special place…and we have that in Igloo and in countless other small shops across Columbus.

I love Igloo. I love Allison. I love her vision. I love her family history in the business. I love how she is preserving the past while still giving us something relevant to today. I love the passion she brings into her studio everyday. And I love that she brought that love of the craft to me and many others.

—John Randle
Creative Director, Rattleback

My wife and I hired Igloo to create a poster of a personal quote from our oldest son. We had a fantastic time collaborating with Allison and introducing our two sons to the world of letterpress. The finished piece is outstanding and we can’t wait to share prints with family members and friends.

Allison is as informative as she is patient, and our boys loved partnering with her to bring our poster to life. All four of us were fully involved in the printing of our poster, which included pieces from her newly acquired wood type collection.

The fabric of our community, and our country, is built on supporting local economies. You get an unmatched amount of personal engagement and attention when you work with an independent business owner. Allison’s passion for her craft translates directly to a highly personalized, rewarding experience. Without hesitation, we’d refer Igloo to people looking for a print studio — and we look forward to our next visit there ourselves.

—Ian Brown
Creative Director, SBC Advertising